Fishes: 6
Captain: Troy Wise

30′ Parker

I was born and raised in Nashville Tennessee.  With a degree in commercial wildlife management, I have traveled the world fishing and hunting.  I have been a Captain for over 20 years with a 100 Ton license.  At the age of 8 years old, I started hunting and fishing  and have never stopped.  My fishing and hunting career has taken me to all 50 states and 3 different countries.  I have lived in 17 different states including Alaska where I guided many successful Kodiak Brown Bear hunts and ran Halibut charters.  I have also guided remote river float trips for Salmon in Alaska.  I have commercial fished for Cod in the Bering Sea and have commercial fished for Tuna and Swordfish off the Atlantic coast.  I am no stranger to Bill fishing either as I have successfully fished many Billfish Tournaments in the Bahama’s, Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and here in the Gulf of Mexico.

I now specialize in In-shore fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama.  I cater to families with kids.  My 2021, 30′ Parker is the only In-shore boat on the island with an enclosed wheelhouse and a bathroom.  I offer 4-hour trips.  I mainly target Saltwater Catfish.  They are excellent table fare and are a lot of fun to catch on light tackle.  You can typically expect to catch 10-40 fish a trip when you fish with me.  For memories that last a lifetime and an entertaining, laid back inshore fishing charter, come fish with me.  Bring your cooler full of drinks and snacks.  Alcohol is fine but please do not bring glass bottles.   Lastly, If you are looking for a guarantee- I suggest any local seafood market around.  They have a menu you can order from, the Gulf of Mexico and it’s Back Bays don’t.  Have fun and safe travels.

Captain T-roy

Hours Price Offered
4 Hours $600 *covers 2 people, add $50 each additional person up to a max of 6 Every Day

Special Trips / Rates


Rates above cover 2 people, add $50 for each additional person. Some boats carry up to 6 people while others only 4.

Costs not included in the initial charter price are customary captain tip (18%-20% of the charter) and a fuel surcharge on certain trips.

THESE RATES ARE PRIVATE CHARTER ONLY. Shared/walk on trips not available for inshore charters. Please contact charter office for any additional information.