Fishes: 6
Captain: Matt Jackson

48′ Viking

Captain Matt grew up with a love of hunting and fishing. All he wanted since childhood was to be an outdoorsman.

Having been brought up at a very young age to love fishing and the outdoors, he was taught the art of conservation by his parents and loved ones. Matt grew up with all types of angling, but always leaned towards deep-sea fishing. This passion for fishing started with the first time he experienced it. He grew up with parents and friends that also shared the love and passion for offshore fishing. Matt was raised with the strong belief of sharing the love and camaraderie of fishing and teaching others to fish. He understands that not all people have the opportunity of living the lifestyle full-time like he has been blessed with and dedicated his life to; that’s why he enjoys sharing whatever he can with the time allowed. Matt has been charter fishing for 18 years, offshore, inshore, and near shore. And still loves every day of his job because he loves seeing the happiness of fishing that brings smiles to customers’ faces, especially now that he has a young boy of his own to teach the fishing way of life. Trips include bait, tackle & fishing licenses, you can bring any food or drinks you want but please no glass bottles.

Hours Price Offered
4 Hours $1100 Every Day
6 Hours $1600 Every Day
8 Hours $2100 Every Day
10 Hours $2700 Every Day
12 Hours $3200 Every Day

Special Trips / Rates


These rates are for Private Charter only. For Shared Expense pricing, please contact our Charter Office.